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    Thanatos Quest


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    Thanatos Quest

    Post  Admin on Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:50 am

    You Must need a party of 6 for Thanatos Tower Level 3 and above. Also each character must have a level 4 weapon with them in their inventory as it will be used to solve a puzzle. Everybody in the Party must do the quests in order to reach the top level.

    The Beginning
    Getting to Thanatos Tower
    First Off, Thanatos Tower is located on the Hugel Field (hu_fild01). Just goto the Thanatos Tower Guard Npc (139,162) and pay the fee. Make your way to the right and you will see the portal into Thanatos Tower.


    Thanatos Tower Level 1
    Once you're in, make your way to the Tour Guide Npc (149,78) and register as a task force member. Then make your way up level 2.


    Thanatos Tower Level 2
    Make your way to the portal that allows you to go to level 3. There is a npc there right next to the door. Get the characters of your party (there must be atleast 6 people in the party) as close to the npc as possible. Afterwards, get only the party leader to talk to the npc and warp the party up to level 3.


    PART 1 - Thanatos Keys

    Thanatos Tower Level 3
    Well this is where the puzzles begin. Goto the Mechanical Device (67,70). Equip on your level 4 weapon that you have carried along and investigate the device. Once you've gotten rid of the strong power you will get your first key. The RED key. Move onto level 4.


    Thanatos Tower Level 4
    Goto the Mechanical Device (195,195) and investigate. You will be required to put in a code between 100-999. It is generated @ random so juss go through the process of elimination and you'll get your 2nd key. The yellow key. Move onto level 5.


    You might come across a "Seal" device along the way. Just let it be, it'll have its purpose later on. However, High Priests see if you can /memo a warp next to the "seal" device, it will save you alot of time. But depending on your server, you might not be able to /memo. Just try it anyway.

    Thanatos Tower Level 5
    Goto the Mechanical Device (101,37) and investigate. Alike on level 2. Gather around the mechanical device (need 3 characters minium), investigate the device and choose the "Try it together" option. Your third key, the Blue key would appear. Move onto level 6.


    Thanatos Tower Level 6
    This puzzle is a bit more tricky. Goto the Mechanical Device (43,152) and investigate. Investigate the cogwheels. There are two sets of cogwheels, small and big.

    Investigate the small cogwheels first. The combination you want here is "The first wheel points UP", it dosent matter what the direction of the second wheel. Now choose and adjust the other set of cogwheels.

    Adjust the big cogwheels. The combination you want here is "The second wheel points UP", and The third wheel points UP" it dosent matter what the direction of the first wheel. Then press "Go Back". And theres your Green Key.


    Now having 4 keys move your way up to level 9. Try not to die while trying to get up there, Retributions are a hand-full when you get mobbed and all they grand-cross you. So move slowly with High Priest backing you up.

    Thanatos Tower Level 9
    Well all your hard work paid up getting your arse here. Guess the makers think they'll give yaz a break. Goto the Mechanical Device (19,158) and juss investigate it. No puzzles whatever, your free and last key. The Black Key.


    Now heres the thing, you'll need to get ur butts back down to level 4 to use the seal device located down there. If you're High Priest was able to save a warp there it would be great and no need to back track. If not, bad luck u got to walk back down.

    PART 2 - Thanatos Magical Stone

    Thanatos Tower Level 4
    Well guys, this must be done in order or it won't work. So level 4 first.
    Goto the Seal (150,44) and investigate. You will insert the blue key and get your Blue Magical Stone. Go up to level 5.


    Thanatos Tower Level 5
    Goto the Seal (218,116) and like before insert the Red key to retrieve the Red Magical Stone. Move up to level 6.


    Thanatos Tower Level 6
    Goto the Seal (226,230) and like before insert the Black key to retrieve the Black Magical Stone. Move up to level 7.


    Thanatos Tower Level 7
    Goto the Seal (113,129) and like before insert the Yellow key to retrieve the Yellow Magical Stone. Move up to level 10.


    Thanatos Tower Level 10
    Goto the Seal (129,159) and like before insert the Green key to retrieve the Green Magical Stone.


    Now you're done with the stones. Go down to level 9.

    PART 3 - Thanatos Stone Statue
    Only 1 person is needed to pull the levers. So don't all pull or u'll stuff it up.

    Thanatos Tower Level 9
    Goto the Stone Statue (82,99) on level 9 and pull the lever. Move up to level 10.

    Thanatos Tower Level 10
    There are 2 levers here and need to be done one after another. Goto the Stone Statue (159,97), pull the lever and then move to Stone Statue (97,97) and do the same. Move to level 11.

    Thanatos Tower Level 11
    There are 4 levers here and its the same deal, one after another.
    1st Stone Statue - (85,85)
    2nd Stone Statue - (16,16)
    3rd Stone Statue - (85,16)
    4th Stone Statue - (16,85)
    Once, you're done here move up to level 12.

    Thanatos Tower Level 12
    Ok u're nearly there. This is where you put in your magical stones. This should be able to work randomly, in no particular order. But this is the order i did it in.
    Red Magical Stone Statue - (96,58)
    Yellow Magical Stone Statue - (161,58)
    Blue Magical Stone Statue - (104,18)
    Green Magical Stone Statue - (154,18)
    Black Magical Stone Statue - (128,86)

    When you're done and gotten all ya seals, go back to the "carvings" portal.
    It will give u stairs to the final level where you fight Thanatos the MVP.


    PART 4 - Seals of Thanatos
    Thanatos Tower Final Level
    Ok on this level you guys need co-oridnation, each member of the party should seperate and get to a different carving to insert the seals as after the first carving is broken by the inserted seal, all party members must insert their seal into the seperate carvings. This all needs to be done within 15secs after the 1st carving is broken. So don't stuff up.

    4 Seal Locations
    Seal of Sorrow - 217,167
    Seal of Agony - 202,75
    Seal of Hatred - 80,76
    Seal of Despair - 62,171

    Once all seals are broken.
    NOTE: monsters appear every time a seal is broken.

    Move to the North Seal - 141,217 and soon Thanatos will appear.

    NOTE: If you are getting the message “The statue is emanating an intense light, making it so hot” at the statues or “You cannot approach the crest because it is generating intense heat.” at the top floor, that means Thanatos have been summoned not long ago. You have to wait at least 2 hours for the quest to reset.

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